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    @dazar said:

    I've already put a link to the else path and the externals path.

    so calling just the object works, right? like just [adsr~]

    the problem might be that the folder where the 'else' folder is has not been added to the paths...

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    had to reupload and fix a couple of issues, please redownload if you had downloaded before!

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    Hi! This has gotta be the biggest update ever. geez... there's too much stuff, and I just decided to stop arbitrarily cause there's still lots of stuff to do. Ok, here goes the highlights!

    This is the 1st multichannel (MC) aware release of ELSE (so it needs Pd 0.54-0 or later)! There are many many many objects were updated to become MC aware: 42 of them to be exact. There are also many many new objects, and many of them are MC capable, 20 out of 33! Som in total I have 62 objects that deal with MC... that's a good start. More to come later!

    Note that 4 of these new ones were just me being lazy and creating new mc oscillators with [clone], I might delete them and just make the original objects MC aware... so basically these new MC objects bring actual new functionalities and many are tools to deal with MC in many ways, like splitting, merging, etc...

    With 33 new objects, this is the first release to reach and exceed the mark of 500 externals, what a milestone! (This actually scares me). We now have 509 objects and for the first time ever I have reached the number of examples in the Tutorial, which is also 509 now! But I guess eventually the tutorial will grow larger than the number of externals again...

    Since the last release, ELSE comes with an object browser plugin, I have improved it and also included a browser for Vanilla objects. I think it's silly to carry these under ELSE and I hope I can bring this to Vanilla's core. see https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/pull/1917

    A very exciting new object is [sfz~], which is a SFZ player based on 'SFIZZ'. This is more versatile than other externals out there and pretty pretty cool (thanks alex mitchell for the help)!

    I have created a rather questionable object called [synth~] which wraps around [clone] and [voices]/[mono], but I think it will be quite interesting to newbies. It loads synth abstractions in a particular template and makes things a bit more convenient. It also allows you to load different abstraction patches with dynamic patching magic.

    [plaits~] has been updated to include new 8 synth engines with the latest firmware. Modular people are happy... (thanks amy for doing this)

    One cool new object for MC is [voices~], which is a polyphonic voice manager that outputs the different voices in different channels. If you have MC aware oscillators and stuff this allows you to manage polyphonic patches without the need of [clone] at all. This is kinda like VCV works and it opens the door for me to start designing modular inspired abstractions, something I mentioned before and might come next and soon! So much being done, so much to do... What an exciting year for Pd with the incredibly nice MC feature!

    There's lots more stuff and details, but I'l just shut up and link to the full changelog here https://github.com/porres/pd-else/releases/tag/v1.0-rc9

    You can get ELSE from deken as well. It's up there for macOS, Windows 64 bits, Linux 64 bits and raspberry pi. Please test and tell me if there's something funny.



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    Hi! I'm calling it a year and wrapping up a new update just to mark exactly one year of work since Dec 17, 2021, when I released the last beta version of ELSE. I'm finally slowing down. In 2021 there were 9 releases, which was relatively less. 2022 only has 5 and I could wait more for this 5th release candidate release which doesn't really have a lot and I got lots and lots of cool stuff in the oven.

    The main thing I have to offer now is a new [gendyn~] object that I've been having lots of fun with. Yes, this is that stochastic synthesis thingy based on Xenakis' stuff. I also added new table reader objects that can handle many interpolation methods and made nice addition and revisions to my tutorial specially about interpolation theory.

    See https://github.com/porres/pd-else/releases/tag/v1.0-rc5 for more details and a complete changelog (with breaking changes as usual).

    Current object count in ELSE is now 466 and the number of examples in the tutorial (with about 15 years of development now) has reached 492! Next month in 2023, ELSE completes 6 years and this is its 56th release amongst alpha/beta/release candidates! I hope to make a final release throughout the next year at last, with things hopefully stabilizing and slowing down even more so I can do other stuff :)

    A download with the main architectures is up in deken already! I'm keeping only the last 4 releases up there to save server space and since rc4 I am only uploading binaries for 64bit systems (you can download all releases and for other architectures in github - just give me a minute)

    Merry Xmas and a Happy new year!

    ps. allow me to also mention PlugData - https://github.com/plugdata-team/plugdata - a project by Tim Schoen that includes ELSE out of the box, has a MAX like interface and can also run as a plugin. Tim has been helping me a lot and also has a finger in some of the updates in ELSE. This update should be part of PlugData soon.

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    "Now that Miller has started the process of incorporating the new GUI code into his repo, it seems that now is a good time to get some more/better translations. The new GUI has pretty good localization support using the standard gettext .PO format (which is then converted to the Tcl .msg format). It uses Tcl's msgcat library to do the actual work in the GUI. So, now's a good time to start contributing. Fix up the languages that are there, or add more languages or even country-specific versions of a language.

    You can start right away via weblate (our web-based translation helper) at: https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/pure-data/pure-data/ (login with your gitlab, github, google, facebook, bitbucket, fedora, ubuntu, opensuse,... account). there's about 20 languages (with English, German and French being 100% complete; and Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese being >90% completed), so if you speak one of those languages that still need work, now is the time to contribute. if your favourite language is not on the list, drop me a note so I can create the template.

    gfmsad IOhannes"

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    Hey! I had to reupload the package as a couple of library dependencies were missing for the sfont~ object for windows. Windows users, if you downloaded yesterday, please get it again.

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    HEY!!! I'm really proud of this one.

    This took kind of a while so there's lots and lots of new stuff and breaking changes. This is the 1st release to reach and exceed 450 objects (459 in total now, next milestone, 500 objects?). Total number of examples in the tutorial is now 477. Here are the release's highlights:

    • MOST ESPECIALLY, WE FINALLY HAVE DECENT COMPILED BANDLIMITED OSCILLATORS ([bl.saw~], [bl.tri~], [bl.vsaw~], [bl.square~],[bl.imp~], [bl.imp2~]) thanks to Tim Schoen from PlugData, who has become a great partner in the development of ELSE, since ELSE is part of PlugData ;) This was one of the last milestones for a proper final release, so maybe we're close. BTW, I have to say that the oscillators from ELSE are the only ones I know out there that have BOTH hard sync input AND phase modulation input. I don't know any other not only in Pd, but in MAX, SuperCollider, Csound, Chuck, Reaktor, whatever...
    • Now we have a new [numbox~] GUI compiled object for monitoring and generating signals (this replaces [diisplay~], which was removed). This is thanks to Tim Schoen again.
    • The [bicoeff] object has been renamed to [bicoeff2] and [bicoeff] is now a new GUI object based on the "filtergraph" external (this one is still very experimental and not really acceptable yet).
    • All objects with random generators have been revised to take a seed value and generate unique seeds every time you open the patch. I made a PR to Pure Data so we have something similar for [random], [noise~] and [array random].
    • [brown~] has an impulse signal input to generate random steps now as well.
    • There are 13 new objects, most importantly and not yet mentioned: [brown] (control browninan motion), [bl.osc~] (a band limited oscillator based on wavetables), [blip~] (a bandlimited impulse generator) and [scala] (for importing tunings in the Scala software format).

    Complete changelog is here: https://github.com/porres/pd-else/releases/tag/v1.0-rc3

    It's up on deken, have fun.

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    simply don't expect Vanilla and Purr Data to be compatible, they are not. There are many issues opening vanilla patches in purr data and vice versa

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    The deken upload has been updated to include 8 architectures in a single download to save space in the server. The release page on the repository also carries extra 2 architectures, mac 32 bits and a third option for raspberry pis (armv7): https://github.com/porres/pd-else/releases/tag/v1.0-rc1


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