I found once and have been reminding myself ever since...

When I start to get really bent out of shape as to whether I have "included all of the features" my app should have (self-talk),

I take a second, remember to breathe, relax, and slow down.

And remind myself that even Miller(!) is only at version 0.5x.

And even he probably doesn't even know "where all this is going". :-)


Don't beat yourself up to much, when your project comes toward its end and you start the "final" leg of the brainstorming, feature request part of the process.

The project will include them in time, if it were meant that they should be included.

And instead: get to work on what you Do know.

p.s. There is Always version 2.0.

p.p.s. on the other hand (:-)) as long as it's fun, just keep doing it.

I hope this may help you in some way. Or ease the angst about whether your project is "as good as it should be".

Peace Thru Sharing.
Love Thru Music.
And Fantasy...
Thru Gem.

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