Hello! I have been getting into PD lately because I want to make my own quote un-quote instruments hehe

About two years ago me and my friends went camping and everyone brought their acoustic guitar and we ended up all night playing singing around the camp fire. Good times. But since I play the piano and at that time I didn't have a portable keyboard (only an upright) I sang my way through the night. I always wished I could play a portable instrument so I decided to make my own little sequencer! Next time around it's going to get super fancy with guitar + drum loop for that electro acoustic sound B)

Here's a video of my patch playing "Jesus, etc" by wilco:

Also it quickly showcases it's features:

  • switch between 16 or 32 step pattern
  • drum pads to playa groove manually
  • independent volume control for kick, snare and hi-hats

I plan to add a Euclidian sequencer in addition to the regular sequencer to layer more complex beats, add a stutter function (beat repeat), randomize patterns, save your patterns and controls to change the sounds of the drum kit

Heres the source code! https://github.com/alex-esc/PD-intruments/tree/main/sequencer