I am trying to get 4 different mp4 videos (4K) running on 4 Screens synchronized. Meaning that pause/play should effect all videos/screens at once. Is there any patch out there that does that? The one we have made so far works, but the performance is terrible (around 7 frames per seconds). Its doesnt seem to be a hardware limitation, as VLC has no problem playing 4x4k videos fluently on the 4 screens.

I have a i7 with 32GB Ram and a 1070 Nvidia.

Some more Info:

  • mp4's basically dont work at all (around 1 frame in 20 seconds)
  • list itemmov's with motion jpg codec do work, but its very stuttery ( 4-7 fps, as mentioned)
  • list itemGPU is barely used when playing those movs, CPU is almost maxed out.
  • list itemOn vlc everything runns smoothly, using the GPU around 40% while playing 4x4K videos.

So is there any patch out there maybe that does what I am trying ot achieve?