• zana


    i have a question about texturing in Gem.
    when i use an rvb bitmap, jpg or tif, for texturing for example a simple square, i have less colors in gem than expected.
    indeed, it is awfully degraded, looking like 256 colors bitmap.

    is it an usual thing or not ?

    thank you


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  • zana

    i used pix_image then pix_texture then square.
    i have not yet discovered a lot in gem, so if there is another method, i would be very happy to know it...

    my desktop is in 32 bits.
    the gradations are very noisy and steppy, but indeed, it could look like 16 bits.
    so maybe it is a material problem (bad screen or bad video card) and not something inside gem. i will try to test it soon on another computer.

    other simple tests with coloured spheres, for example, without texture, don't show this problem : from shadow to light, the sphere look is not degraded.


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