• xZiren

    Vor everyone interested:

    the problem was solved by turning off the function in Reaper, that sets all audio offline when you're not in the DAW Window (Pref->Media)...
    Sooo frustrating :D

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  • xZiren

    Hey there,

    i'm trying to send simple XML-Messages like this via Network (using the iemnet/tcpclient object). What message do i need to put there when i simply want to send something like
    <request><state transport="start"/></request> for example?

    Tanks a lot!

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  • xZiren

    @whale-av thanks for the answer!
    I've read the config and i think i now understand it.
    But the /play 1 doesn't fix the problem. It's playing but no audio is played. :(

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  • xZiren

    Hey there fellas,

    since i got such quick help the last time i had an issue i thought i would try it again!

    This time i'm connecting PD via OSC to Reaper (Reaper Settings are fine, i can receive data there) to hit the play/pause buttons in my DAW.
    This works fine, but the problem is, that once i connect pd to Reaper, the latter stops playing audio (even the transients in the Waveform-Audio are gone). Once i disconnect everything is fine again.

    Hope some one has a solution to this! Best regards

    Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 16.54.51.png


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