• wissme

    In an old patch (1 year) I used [read foo.wav tab] to read a .wav file into an array tab (Pd-Extended]. It does not work anymore : read object does not exist ! I find only [readsf] in the reference.
    What do I miss ?


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    Hi ! I am learning Pd-Extented. So far so good, very interesting. On Mac I can redirect [noteout] on the Apple MIDI "IAC Driver 1", open "Simple Synth" with inputs from "IAC Driver 1", it offers a catalog of instruments, and get piano or organ notes from [noteout]. Easy, ok.
    BUT I need for a friend to do the same on Windows and I can't find something as simple as "Simple Synth". What is the *shortest* way (not a big DAW) to get virtual instruments notes on Windows from [noteout] ?
    Something like a virtual synth with instruments, but simple, no ADSR buttons, envelopes, etc. Just the instruments. If it's impossible to find , ok for the lightest :-)
    FREE of course.
    Thanks a lot.

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  • wissme

    Hi ! New user on MacOS-X Mountain Lion + Pd-Extended.
    a) What should I do to program with GEM ? I only found old doc...
    b) Is there a tutorial to build a simple GUI, for example with round sliders ?


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  • wissme

    Hi ! Here is Mac Mountain Lion + Pd-extended last version, Macbook Pro 2011, 8Gb.
    I have connected my MIDI M-audio KeyStudio 49 keyboard, ok. Testing MIDI and a small patch with [notein] shows that Pd receives the notes.
    I connected [notein] to [mtof] to [dac~] but impossible to get any sound ! I tried every configuration. The last is :
    AUDIO : IN1 = (0)Built-in Input, OUT1 = (0)built-in Output, latency = 20
    MIDI : IN1 = Key-Studio, OUT1 = none
    Portaudio (tried with Jack, no success)
    PLEASE :-)

    Otherwise no problems, without MIDI sound is ok.



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  • wissme

    Sorry, I forgot the [osc~]. Stupid ! Tired...

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