• will

    Hi there,
    I am new to the video side of all this and was wondering if there was some kind of dissolve object for use with a movie or video feed in one of the many libraries?


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  • will


    ok, this is a really boring problem but i would appreciate a couple of pointers if you;ve got the time.

    trying to compile the externals package from source forge.
    have unziped the .tar and put it here: /Applications/Pd-0.39-2.app/Contents/Resources/extra/pd-externals-20030311

    i ran make in in the .../build/darwin file and got a bunch of error reports from the attempt to compile the first object in the list (aenv~.c), final error was: Error 2

    I then altered the following parts of the makefile, following an attempt to understand what the readme was going on about:


    PDEXECUTABLE = /Applications/Pd-0.39-2.app/Contents/Resources/bin/pd

    then ran make again, got another bunch of error reports but this time resulting in Error 1

    the first line of the error report is as follows:

    In file included from ../src/aenv~.c:1:
    ../../aenv~/aenv~.c:18:18: m_pd.h: No such file or directory

    anyone spot my mistake(s)?


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  • will

    been playing around with that and seems to be doing the job.
    the help's appreciated.

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  • will

    the ability to dissolve between two images or video streams. Rather than a cross fade, I believe a dissolve function works primarily on the alpha channel of an image. Not entirely sure about it myself, this is what the documentation for the dissolve object in the VNS library for max/jitter says anyway.
    hope that makes it a little clearer.


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