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    i've been wanting to write my own softsynths for years, and i think PD is the tool i've been looking for, so i'm very excited about this. however, i can't get an IF statment to work to save my life; i've tried everything i can think of, and it always says:
    "error: if: no method for 'float'"
    (i've gotten IF statments to work before in Max, and when i change the number of input variables ($i1) the number of inlets change, so i think i'm on the right track)

    i'm sorry if this is a dumb question.

    if it matters, i'm running PD 0.37.0 on a pc w/ windows 2000.

    also - i'm probably not going to be doing this for quite a while, but is it possible to compile PD programs into DX or VST pluggins?

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  • vynlOverdrive

    you could...

    • make sure your audio card is set to a frequency/sample depth that PD can handle (e.g. 44.1kHz, 16bit)

    • make sure no other programs are running that may be using yr soundcard and interfearing w/ PD

    • try a different version of PD

    • try a different soundcard (do you have an onboard one?)

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    i was wondering the same thing.
    icube is a midi to analog (and back) box, basically. it's made by "infusion systems". i have access to an icube (not the X, which seems to be all that's suported now), i've been trying to do some midi machine control type stuff with it, and i've had no luck getting it to communicate with MSP, so i thought i'd try PD.

    icube info here:

    anybody have any idea?

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  • vynlOverdrive

    ok, i got it to "work" - it dosn't give me errors anymore. but it dosn't act how i'm thinking it should. in fact, this makes no sense to me at all. so rather than post a ton of questions on here:

    is there some sort of manual for PD or something?

    if not, would somebody mind explaining how if's work (espically with "and" and "or" operators)?
    i also can't get it to output nothing if the conditions aren't met (it always seems to output something)

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  • vynlOverdrive

    wow; first that track by hardoff and now this. this stuff is so cool.

    PD, where have you been all my life? ;-]

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  • vynlOverdrive

    hardoff - that's awesome. it makes me kinda wish i was still dating my ex so i could play that in the car with her and totally freak her out.
    so.... how did you do that? was it samples and loops mangled in a PD progam that you wrote? (i'm mostly trying to figure out what kinda stuff pd is capable of)

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  • vynlOverdrive

    that's a weird way of doing IFs, but it works!
    hardoff, you rock.
    (for a while i was thinking maybe there were no if statments; how do you program without if statments?)
    this is awesome. :D !

    good luck with your synth.
    thanks, i'm gonna need it! ;)

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