• vinayk

    hey guys...

    i'm a hobby musician type - in fact i'm currently procrastinating instead of studying for my end of uni exams.. (as one does)...

    basically i've been spending more time researching/messing with my audio setup... and have finally got something i'm fairly happy with (guitar/bass/keys etc)... and have been using "reaper" on PC for my DAW... mainly because its cheap! (well after i decided pirating was wrong - before that i was using live)

    anyhow ive heard alot about max/msp and its "free" cousin so to speak.. puredata... i'm wondering wheter it wuodl be useful for me to learn it?

    i'm a rock/metal music fan really... but i do like some more "computer music" stuff... i'm wondering if there is anything here for me above and beyond what normal vst synth plugins + drum samples would do??

    i dont really know what i want from it... i guess i want to be able to make my own and slightly different music compositions - seeing as i'm more or less solo in my music'ing... obviously they'd have a large guitar flavour to them...

    ok i'm sure this post makes NO sense... but what do you reckon??


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  • vinayk

    Thanks guys... uni most definately comes first... 3 months and you'll all have to call me "dr vinay"... well actually no one will have to call me that... nor would i want them to!

    I guess... music is one of my passions so to speak... i'm very out of practice with my instruments - but there I know what I can do - and what i can do with a bit more practise... i have some old examples on http://myspace.com/drvinay - though those are really quick stress relief compositions...

    Now that I'm almost at the end of my medical training - i'm sort of going back and thinking how I was "this" close to going into software engineering.. (i'm a computer nerd from way back... ahh DOS... how I loved thee)... and PD does sound like a fun way to give my music that "different edge"... i envision some type of jazz/instrumental/metal/computermusic hybrid - heheheh ... oh well we'll see...

    I was very much thinking of switching to linux - but then i discovered some of the PC/mac guitar amp sim software (revalver MkII in particular... which I can pick up for 75 euros as a student)... and unfortunately... linux does not as yet have anything like that.. nor does ardour have the midi capabilities (yet anyhow).. that mainstream pc/mac progs do! And I can't really afford a mac!

    So it'll have to be puredata on windows + whatever else i'm using... if anyone else can convice me why linux would be better - i'm all ears.... (luckily my audio interface is nicely supported there!)

    I was just listening to some of your songs Obi - i really enjoyed them (especially the one for a lazy afternoon!) ... and now i'm very much looking forward to getting some pure data time in after exams... i'll get to "nerd it up" so to speak... and be musical at the same time!

    If anyone here has any more rock stuff done with the help of this type of software... please let me know!

    Have fun guys,
    and thanks once again!

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