• vaidarnav

    @whale-av Got it thanks for the info, is -batch the command for non-realtime, I thought -nrt was? wondering what the real difference is.

    On second thought, would a library like JUCE be able to accomplish the same? If possible I might end up using that

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  • vaidarnav

    Hi all, new to pd, I think it might be useful for a project I'm building. I want to:

    1. Load a VST plugin and set it to a preset
    2. Feed the plugin a MIDI file and dump the audio output from the plugin to a .wav file
    3. Do this for an arbitrary # of plugin presets and MIDI files (in the 1000's)

    Note that I don't actually care about outputting the audio to speakers, I just want the .wav files. I want to know - is this possible using pd? I am aware recording to files is possible, but not sure about the MIDI file input, loading external VSTs, and programatic recording. Ideally I'd like to render it non-realtime to speed things up. If someone could point me to tutorials or similar projects that would be appreciated.


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