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    peace? i guess you dont follow the news dont you...

    blocksize to come or to go. i expect the audio driver to overide the software settings and not the other way around, maybe that was the reason why i did not pay attention to it in first place...

    i dont know, maybe i am a little stressed out from reading tons of code and books... sometimes you are getting so deep into it that you dont see the simplest thing... what ever who cares as long as it is working in windows.. pd integrates perfectly into the windows enviroment, where as under linx the menubar and scrollbar look just ugly also the small circle that comes up when connecting two objects makes things much eisier... that was some of thereasons why i got pissed of... also i dont like that jackd stuff in linux


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    PD does overwrite the buffer settings from your soundcard. you have to set the buffersize from within pd. I did not know that, but that was the solution...

    my souncard was setup correct but the driver did not show that pd only uses 64 blocksize, it did still show 512, so i thought everything is fine and blame it on pd itself

    all the stuff you where writing so much... was unnessacary, the solution is to set up the blocksize from within pd, where you choose the soundcard, you might will not pay attention to this smal box, but it is there...

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    i knew it...

    don't get me wrong i really like pd, but why are 30.000 postings in technical issues but only 320 in tutorials. i think pd s success comes from the fact that it is graphical and therefore easier for most people to get in to it. And of course, when you are used to a tool and it is working, so why change it. so i don't blame you for using pd... but i prefer SuperCollider.

    I am sory to say but always when i get in touch with pd extended i run soon or later into bugs. and i knew would try to tell me it a fault of my wrong latency / asio settings. so why does any other audio application i use run fine.

    however i do not care anymore about pd and would like to stay with SuperCollider. At the end of the day it does not matter which environment you use, any programming language does the same. You withave to feel your self confident with it..

    thanks anyway

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    my name is mark, i am from germany, this is my first posting...

    i would like to use pd extended but i am experiencing several issues...

    in windows when i right click an object and open the help of that object the audio shortly interupts with a clicking noise. when i open the same help file several time it does not interupt anymore. however this is very anoying because you will always habe a look into the help at some time.

    in linux i do not have this problem, but... in linux it is not so comfortable to connect the objects. in windows you do get this little circle wich kind of snaps wich makes connecting objects more easy and quick.

    what kind of solution is possible? i know about latency and asio drivers, please do not answer that i need a new interface or what ever. i see that pd might be full of bugs? but also i think pd is quit good and uefull for me, so maybe there is a workaround. also, what is the point with 32 and 64 bit? The other thing.. pd does not close in linux, i alsways have to killall jackd and the gui does not look god in linux. in windows it kind of integrates better, but the interupting audio when oppening the help is a shame.

    so what can i do now, dont use pd, because it is the bug. but all the books about sound design refer to pd.. why do they do that when pd is so buggy

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