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    I've been building pretty complex patches for quite some time, projects that require a lot of components and and forward planning.

    It's been a consistent issue for me keeping a tidy management of files and version development and has held me back greatly from sharing my work.

    I've been in and out of trying to understand GIT in the context of puredata, I don't know if i'm looking at the problem wrong or somethings just not clicking but I figured i'd share my issue here see if anyone has a good solution to managing projects in puredata.

    I'd really like to share my work more here, I've been sitting on work for nearly a decade now and I've reinvented wheels far too many times because my projects become unwieldily and scattered across space and time.

    There must be a better way than juggling folders and naming patches "patch_EXTRATHING_0.001-noodlyappendage_OHGODWHEREAMI-V0.9-B.pd" :cold_sweat:

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    @bocanegra thanks for the feedback, looks like its an order issue as i tried feeding the msg through a trigger ordered top to bottom and that sets all correctly. Interestingly only each second dcyc bangs out, not something that would usually be an issue in use but i like my objects to be predictable :)

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    Hello! I've been lurking for some time and tinkering in PD for longer, have been very slack on the sharing side, today i change that!

    Starting with something deceptively simple (took an embarrassingly long time to get right).

    This is designed to count to a set number (base) and pass a message on once it loops (defines both over and under).

    The abstract can link its out to the in of another instance, creating a cascade of units useful for precise counters or sequences, should lend itself to many uses.

    It takes a specific message in and parses a specific message out, something i'm trying to generalise over other abstracts i'm building. This is explained in the help patch.


    Feedback appreciated, enjoy!

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