• Tylerich

    We (at my company) wrote the Externals ourselves. So far they haven't been compiled as MAX externals.
    I just assumed that it would be possible to easily compile them as MAX externals, once they have been compiled as PD externals.

    Or am i wrong?

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  • Tylerich

    Nobody got any ideas?

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  • Tylerich


    I have a pd-patch, that for whatever reasons, has certain externals~ which take different blocksizes ( some take 512, some 1024). In pd this works fine, since there is the block~ module which can be used to change the blocksizes.

    Now my problem is: I really need to get the same patch working in MAX. As far as I know MAX has no module like block~ or switch~ (which as far as i know does something similar).

    So my idea is: Find the source code for block~ or switch~ (Which somehow I could not find in the pd subversion community repository at http://puredata.info/docs/developer/GettingPdSource), build it as an external for max ( probably a LOT easier said than done), and use then just use it in MAX...

    Does anybody have any experience with this kind of thing? Or could anybody maybe tell me if this is a hopeless situation and a waste of time...?

    If anybody here could point me to the right direction I would be very grateful...


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