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    screenshot of the issue

    Patch needs to write lists of 15 floats and one text(symbol) to a text file, many times.

    As far as I can tell, it seems that the textfile object injects carriage return when the line exceeds some fixed limit. I've tried writing multiple types of messages to the file, and they all demonstrate similar behavior.

    It's annoying to have a row of data broken into multiple lines because I need to suck this file into excel to do some processing of the output on the rows of results..

    I cannot find anything written about this behavior and I'm not experienced PD-programmer. Can anyone offer any ideas?

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    I made a $0-named array and a plain "foo" array. I can run both using tabwrite. However, when I try to pass a message, for instance to change the label, the plainly named 'foo' array works, but the $0-named array throws an error in the console, "$0-whatever no such object",

    here's a screengrab of how it fails in my environment

    I believe I need to label my arrays as $0-arrays so that multiple instances of a subpatch won't class, correct? Otherwise I get that "multiply" error message.


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