• TheGingerFig

    @jameslo Hi James, thanks for the speedy response!
    I implemented the ln and it's working, I can't thank you enough :smile:

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  • TheGingerFig

    Hi there! First time posting and I'm new to PD and Audio programming as a whole.
    I'm trying to make a rather basic sound design instrument with an Arduino (Uno) and a mpu6050 gyro/accelerometer. I'm running into some issues with trying to get the data over to PD and then unpacking it once it is there. I've looked through heaps of different tutorials and forums and made some part of a blend from each, to no avail. I'll attach screenshots of my Arduino IDE code and the PD patch so far.
    Wiring is as follows: A4 to SDA, A5 to SCL, 5V to VCC, GND to GND.
    I'm just trying to get the X, Y or Z values to display in the number boxes to get me started, any help would be amazing or if anybody has any similar projects to share, they would be greatly appreciated!
    Kind regards,
    Picture2.png Picture1.png

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