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    The preview for my show is on Thursday 1st June at 6pm at the University of East London (Cyprus on the DLR) and comes down the following Monday.

    I had a visual tracking Processing piece worked out but my tutor reckoned it should have some kind of ambient sound going on. Seeing as Processing is a bit poo with sound I tried to learn Pure Data in a week. What I got was my first very modest patch.

    It operates as an ambient sound project to compliment the Processing piece and has a basic reactive element to it.


    The Pure Data side is really quite basic and messy since I don't understand the logic of the system yet, but I'd be happy to hear about how I could have put it together much simpler or what else I could have added to it.

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    I'm new to PD and I've written a sub-patch to play samples at various speeds, but I'd like it to be a bit smarter and fetch the size of the table name that is sent to it. That way I could probably set it to play samples at normal speed as a default and send a modifier to it speed up or slow down the samples.

    I've looked at the [getsize] reference but I find it very confusing and I've no idea how to apply it to my patch. Could some one show me how to parse the table size please?

    #N canvas 543 11 451 557 12;
    #X obj 7 124 line~;
    #X obj 8 175 hip~ 5;
    #X msg 7 60 1;
    #X obj 8 201 outlet~;
    #X obj 7 10 inlet;
    #X obj 60 35 inlet;
    #X obj 14 94 pack 0 0;
    #X obj 8 150 tabread4~;
    #X text 112 33 duration to play over;
    #X obj 92 94 pack set symbol;
    #X obj 111 59 inlet;
    #X text 163 60 sample length;
    #X text 55 9 sample table name;
    #X connect 0 0 7 0;
    #X connect 1 0 3 0;
    #X connect 2 0 0 0;
    #X connect 4 0 9 1;
    #X connect 4 0 2 0;
    #X connect 5 0 6 1;
    #X connect 6 0 0 0;
    #X connect 7 0 1 0;
    #X connect 9 0 7 0;
    #X connect 10 0 6 0;

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