• spinus

    @whale-av, I've found that multiple instances of PD are best handled in macOS by creating an .app file of a patch using the File -> Make app from folder... command. It then runs as a separate process (and maybe defaults to a different cpu core?).

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  • spinus

    I was wondering if someone could give a little overview on the current (end 2016) situation on installing and running PD, l2-ork or purr-data on recent ARM boards, for somebody just getting into embedded systems (read: somebody terminal-literate, but not savvy enough to compile kernels).

    The project is building a display-free modular sampler instrument, so GPIO, USB MIDI and USB audio I/O are paramount. Everything else (WIFI, BT, GPU etc) is secondary.

    More specifically:

    • Are more recent boards like Pine A64, Odroid C2, Chip (PRO?) or BBB worth considering?
    • If so, what's the story on DSP performance/latency and RT kernel tweaks etc, compared to Pi3?

    Much obliged,

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