• shanneton

    The FT245R chip is a USB/Parallel converter from Future Technology. I have a small board from Elexol that provides 24 digital I/O. I would lilke to use it with PD to build a foot switch controller but unfortunately it doesn't work with ubuntu lucid.

    • does someone here succeeded in using the FT245R with ubuntu ?
    • is there a pd patch that allows the control of the digital I/O in PD ?
      Thank you !!!!

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  • shanneton

    Here is a example of use of mikewoz stuff.
    I'm sorry because it is written in french but there is a picture of my patch with the "wiimote" object.

    It seems that the patch for the wiimote object disappeared from the mikewoz web site. However I found that link : http://kishalmi.net/cms/node/40

    It works perfectly...

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