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    Hi All,
    The Eastman School of Music has a call out for works that employ computer technology -- you know, what we're all doing! Sadly, I am ineligible to enter this competition cause I work here, but you are not! The cash prizes are significant and are accompanied by performances. There are NO FEES to enter, so you have nothing to lose! Dust off those pieces people!

    Please check the following link for details.


    Cheers and good luck!


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    As we are all aware, PD on osx is a bastard child of sorts... a pale reflection of it's Linux counterpart, due, in part, to the lack of development for the OS (I'm assuming because mac guys like myself don't "code" the way Linux guys do!)

    Well, fellow PD users, I think it's high time some of the inequity is evened out!

    There are a bunch of externals that ship with the OSX installer (the Pd-0.38-4-extended-RC1 being the best) but none include all of the externals because many have simply not been coded for use on ppc darwin. The most egregious of omissions is the plugin~ object which makes it possible to run LADSPA (and other i think) plugin's through PD! This saves considerable time and aggravation writing your own crappy reverb patch which takes up half your CPU!

    Anyone interested in working on this external, and others? I've been attempting to fix it myself for a while, but I simply don't have the programming experience required. I do, however, have a nice G5 and an interest in working through problems if anyone with coding knowledge is interested in working with me. We could make it an instructive, cross-platform collaboration and use this forum as our go-between.

    If anyone's interested, drop a reply on me, and we'll get going!


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    It's good to hear from all of you, point and clickers or no!

    The reason why I'm attempting to get this object working, and why I'm devoted to the Mac is that, aside from Linux, this operating system, in conjunction with the hardware, I suppose, is the most stable, reliable and available OS for running open source programs. There are TONS or ports and versions of open source software being made for OSX -- the latest being vspace, a command line ambisonic encoder/decoder, which is one of, if not, the best in the business. (a friend of mine got it up and running at Cornell just in the last week)

    Really good things are happening, and the cooperative, cross-platform collaboration is a really good thing for both mac heads and linux geex to get outside their respective boxes for a couple minutes.

    Ah, lecture over. This isn't about what system works better, or who's shit doesn't stink. It's about trying to get tools out there, total availability, so people can do some work. period.

    Anyway, I've enjoyed the discourse. And, disinter, I agree with the mac-linux assessment... having tried 3 flavors, I can say I didn't care for the taste. The thing with ppc linux is the same with osx PD... there's not the support or the effort or research going into it that goes into PCs so it comes out a little lame.

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    • I don't like mac computers, and most of users don't seem to be open minded. -

      This doesn't sound very "open minded" to me...

      ... unlike my super open-minded, collaborative and fun project!!!!

      Is anyone else out there?

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    Yeah, but that's not really the point. I think the ultimate goal of open source software should be to be completely cross-platform, not "kind of" or semi-cross-platform. People shouldn't have to install a completely unfamiliar OS just to use an app they like.

    I think Linux on PPC is kind of a dying thing at this point (if it was ever really alive). I've tried just about every flavor out there, none of which is functional enough to make it practical or appealing. Not to mention that, with Jack, PD, Supercollider, PVCX, etc., there are a ton of great open source apps with good interconnectivity that are being coded for OSX. I really like the stability and simplicity of the OS combined with the power of the command line interface.
    I'm looking for good functionality within OSX, particularly for an Intro to Computer Music course that I TA so the kids seeking to use these programs do not need to learn a new operating system (which they learn later in the advanced class) and run the gauntlet of trying to install linex ppc builds on their systems.

    Having installed many flavors of Linux and dealt with the hosts of problems associated with it, it's easy to forget how far above the average person's ability and interests these are.

    Let's make this stuff usable. Lets be cooperative and lets get this stuff cross-platform.

    I still await brave souls....


    (is anyone hearing the music to Braveheart? ... sorry about that!)

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