• sadielcuentas

    Hello everybody! Well thank you so much for your kind answer. I did install ubuntu studio and PureData does open, but I still got no sound. Problem seems to be, I can't install pulseaudio alsa modules! I have tried to install both "pulseaudio-alsa" and "pulseaudio-modules-alsa". Anytime I try to install the I get the "unable to locate package" error message.

    Could it be there is no alsa module for ARM architectures?

    Thanks you again for your kind replies!

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  • sadielcuentas

    Hello everyone!
    I'm trying to make pd work on an android phone using Andronix, with no luck so far. I have compiled from source, but I do not hey any sound devices!

    Here are some screenshots I hope can give some clues of the issue...


    I also installed in Ubuntu from the repositories and had similar issues. What could I do to fix this? Thanks in advance!!

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  • sadielcuentas

    @whale-av that just solved it, Great!

    This was bugging me for months, thank you so much!

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  • sadielcuentas

    Hello everyone. Thanks for reading.

    I have been using Pure Data for about a year now, but I am still pretty much a newbie. I'm using PD portable 0,49.0 on a windows 7 PC. There are some issues with audio which I get and do not understand. For starters, if I have a patch opened that contains an osc~ object I get a click and a high, constant (although not loud) tone every time I turn on DSP. I do not get this with patches that do not use osc~. Also, when I use the line object in my patches, for instance to control gain (fade in and fade out) I get some minimal clipping too. The funny thing is, when I use the writesf~ object to record a wave sound the clipping I hear when using is not recorded. I'm pretty sure it must be some issue involving my hardware and settings, but I have not been able to find it. I did try to increase latency but it didn't solve anything.

    This is a screenshot of my audio settings


    This is one of the patches I have been working on, although it has no osc~ objects. Still, there is clipping that seems to be associated with the use of the line object.

    Galarreta v10.pd

    This is a patch I've been working on which produces all the issues I have mentioned.


    I hope there is a fix to this problem. I will appreciate any advice you can give.

    Thank you again for reading

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