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    Hey thanks for the feedback. really happy that you got something from the videos and thanks for taking the time to watch them and give some feedback. Good point on the details - we've been trying to keep the videos short and compact, so some issues get skirted over, but I think you are right - these things should be explained.

    I'm not quite sure what you mean about realism though - the title is "rich" which for us implies lots of less realistic things. FM is very rich, but doesn't have to simulate anything specific! That said, those are all good ideas - some chime ones will come soon I think. We have a percussion one coming soon, but this will be more about emulating classic synthesised drums rather than simulating real drum sounds. Andy Farnell does some really good PD things for wind and sea in his Designing Sound book, so I don't think we can really add much there, although perhaps video tutorials of these things would be nice too.

    Again - thank you so much for watching and writing!

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    We've put up a series of beyond-the-basics synthesis tutorials on our youtube page:

    So far we have:

    1. beyond sine tones
    2. envelopes
    3. polyphony with [clone]
    4. acid filters
    5. note sequences
    6. neat FM
    7. synth strings
    8. plucked strings
    9. wavetable oscillators

    The patches and some other bits are up on our site:

    Feedback/requests/suggestions welcome!

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