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    I've been thinking how to best start doing simple, free, quick and dirty 360° video(-stitching/rendering) for VR-HMDs
    (perhaps even with some simple video synthesis) and I thought about PD/GEM.

    Are there any pre-existing patches for my specific application out there?
    (various footage sources -> image processing -> stitching -> rendering)

    Just gotten into PD on the audio side this year,
    I'm not that familiar with PD itself, let alone GEM.

    So please excuse such a broad question.


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  • random_pulse

    So that's why I couldn't open it with another DAW.

    Would it be technically even achievable to run multiple instances of a Pd-VSTwithout specific support of the Host-DAW?

    It would be pretty amazing to get Pd running in ones DAW of choice.

    But of course i get your point.

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    Will you also make a version for other hosts available?

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    Yes, I'd like something cheap and small

    Why would 2 mic inputs not be easy? Lack of processing power?

    To be clear,
    I just need plugin-in-power like it's supplied by laptop or camera mic-inputs to power a small stereo lavalier microphone.

    Good idea with the laptop, but I would definitely need something fanless.


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  • random_pulse

    I'm looking for an affordable 7.1 or 5.1 USB audio interface that play's well with a Raspberry Pi and also has stereo mic input which supplies plug-in-power.

    Any help's appreciated.

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  • random_pulse

    Looks interesting,
    but I wish it had a bit more I/O for hooking it up to external analogue hardware.

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