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    Abstraction I used to navigate and insert values to a tracker interface (made with data structures) via keyboard+numpad. Unfortunately never finished the graphical part, but hopefully will do it one day.

    This abstraction lets you insert numbers via keyboard after pressing enter. Uploading as requested in FB group.

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    expr~ $v1 + ($v3 * ($v2 - $v1))

    1 and 2 are audio, 3 is fader sig~ numbers 0-1.
    Most basic morphing algorithm that acts as a crossfader.

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    In PD you can only store one value per x step. That means you can not make a sequencer that uses polyphony. In real world, arrays are used to store multiple values and can have even 3 or more dimentions, values could be stored on any point without one affecting another.

    Are there any alternatives to this in Pure Data? Currently I assume it is only possible to do this by writing an external file/list, like xml, but that really isn't the most efficient solution.

    Is it possible to actually store real value on any coordinate in array, like [x2 y10 23]?

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