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    Hey guys,

    Wikipedia these , ad netsearch - I had for my memoire a few years ago...

    Walt Disney- Fantasia_ they toured with live mixers in surround for that film. They used the pan pots developed by Blumlein.

    (Brit)Blumlein was the guy who said mono can imitate spac eby being panned between two distribution sources (speakers).

    There was Fletcher (Am)- Mr WALL OF SOUND -
    each source, a speaker... Too expensive - and impossible for mass distrib. Blum wins...

    Nowadays, with PD...

    dac 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 then link with adat 9 10 11 12 etc....

    (Soundcards - Protools digi01, motu 828 now sell for under 300 used!! - Motut drivers are current, but ot for linux. RME is linux/win/mac ready)

    (Sound on Sound has great articles on the following!!!)

    if you follow dolby...
    123 1 and 3 ambient front, 3 center voice
    4 5 - left right behind, mix of front with 5-20 ms delay, depending on image, with high and low cuts, so it imitates how we hear sound when it is behind us.
    6 Bass - dumped to woofer below 110-80 hz.

    Haven't read up on DTS (check sound on sound)

    all the numbers are different depending on your setup of your program of choice, and sound card..But the distro is l/r front, l/r rear with delay ad filter cut. Center front, and bass.

    This creates a uniform distro method for cinema - good to know if you have mixed a film stereo, and do not want the dolby effect in place!!!
    or, when you get a dolby mixer to work on your film, she or he is preparig your film for this in the cinema...

    test it:
    just do a surround mix, saving your work. play it back on multitrack through a dolby amp from a surround dvd with coaxial...

    then connect to the amp from a dvd reader with each track connected by a coaxial cable...

    then connect a multitrack sound card directly to your amp, with each track linked to an out.....

    you should hear some differences...

    But the man at IEM, Mr PD and GEM, has been working on their surround for years - and has distributed the patch recently. Plus ambison is around for max...and I thought, there was a PD port....

    But it begs the question of mass distro versus unique design and experiences of sound....

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    Install Feisty, using alternative - 7.04 worked great for me. Install the studio, test the slow kernel first on your machine - try the optimised later, if all goes well.
    (I tried an update to 7.10, and to optimise on my 386mhz 256mb hp portable, and it really slowed things down! I have looked into RAM - the upgrade is worth it if you live in the US - 90 dollars, and you'll have your 1 gig of RAM -2 512 bars - it will make a huge difference!!)

    Hands down, for simplicity, use Hans' extended-PD for Ubuntu. Working better than ever, and fun to see how much works compared to 1.4 years ago when I started.
    Hans installation works great - if not, Miller's stripped down PD is available through Synaptic, their package manager. (don't forget to first install all the required libraries, which might all be included in their new Studio version

    But don't stop there.... ;)

    If you nest Dynebolic on Ubuntu, (check nesting on the Dyne site - it really is cool!) you get a very light and easy PD if you copy the pure:dyne modules with it. I have found it to be very fast, but the actual Pure:Dyne CD, unfortunately, did not boot on my elderly beast. So I have been happy to open PD on Dyne:bolic, using a CD to boot into it - taking advantage of the supersmall system, and PD - except that all the extras/libraries in PD, taken from the PureDyne distro, were not functional!!!

    Sound familiar - ahh, like two years ago, when half the extended were not working...
    But you have Ubuntu extended as a great refernce of proper functioning...

    I really do think nesting is a great solution, letting one hack away on a less stable or smaller distro with a larger one. Plus, I can pass patches back and forth.

    New forks off this question:
    I just need to check if I can just copy Hans extended to Dyne??? Or better suggestions??
    How about PD with DSL?

    And Has anyone done a powerpc linux nesting on OSX.3 or OSx.4? I have found that Debian's live does boot on powerpc (g4, 1 gig ram), as does ubuntu's. After the speed up I saw with Dyne nesting, I thought - someone much smarter and better at programming than I who doesn't want VM slowdowns has probably developed a nesting solution for linux on mac.

    By the way, as a fan of the CREB library for PD, almost all of it is functioing on the Ubuntu distro - great work Hans!!

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