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    first of all, as its my first post on this forum, i think i should introduce myself : i am a french student in sound engineering and i have been introduced to pure data a few month ago.
    I have good knowledge of audio theory and lot of practice to, but i am not that good at programming or mathematics, eventhoug i have notions...

    so, here i go with my question.

    i am trying to create a simple patch with two audio input between wich i want to manually crossfade to morph them. kind of a convolved crossfader in fact.
    but my problem is : how can i unpack the data that comes out of the rfft~, as puredata seems to considere it is audio signal?
    or am i missing something fundamental??


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    @ClaudiusMaximus said:

    convolve ->


    -> rfft ->
    * -> irfft ->
    -> rfft ->

    where * is complex multiplication (a+bi) * (c+di) = (a*c-b*d)+(a*d+b*c)i


    so if i understand right, programing:

    in1-> rfft -> A in2-> rfft ->C
    -> Bi ->Di

    and then (A*C-B*D)-> irfft -> out

    should make a convolution of in1 and in2 ??

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    @boonier said:

    There are a number of handy objects here if you want to avoid the confusion of fft

    nice stuff thanks!
    anyway i did not already manage to performe what i want :)
    looks loke a holly grail i'll not reach that soon

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    first of all, i d like to thank everyone for paying attention to this topic.

    after reading your answers, thinking a bit, and working on my laptop, here is what i came up with as a joined file.
    looks like i get closer, but it still doesn't do what i want, wich should be an audio morphing...

    if someone feals kind enough to throw an eye at my patch, it could be great support.


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    I have sent my [rfft~] outputs to tables (thank you obiwannabe), but i do not manage tu unpack the serie of data that comes out of it...
    I joined my patch to this message, maybe someone will feel kind enough to throw it a quick glance and tell me where i am wrong?


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