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    Hi. I've used Pd a good bit with audio in the past, but came back to it pretty recently to learn GEM. Really I'm just farting around with it, seeing what certain pix objects can and can't do, and last night I discovered pix_lumaoffset, which I absolutely love, but I'm getting off track here...

    I set up a little patch that would capture the output with pix_record, and everything works great, but when I go to play back the resulting MOV file, the output was upside-down! This is really just a minor annoyance that can be "cleaned up in post", but is there something I'm missing here? Is there an argument that needs to be sent to pix_video or pix_record?

    I've uploaded the patch if anyone wants to take a look and see if there's something missing (or just point and laugh at the n00b for jacking code straight from the pix_record help file. Heh.)
    camera test.pd

    Thanks in advance!

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