• Pierre Guillot

    @starchild Thank you! I'm pleased these projects are useful to you.

    Yes, of course, anybody can contribute by creating issues, merge requests, or writing documentation on the GitHub repositories. You should have a look at this document. In general, I just try to avoid to do things that will complicate the maintenance of the projects because I've already difficulties to find time to work on them. So, it's often better to start a discussion on a subject before starting to develop, this way we could avoid conflicts, see if contributing directly to a project is suitable or if creating a side project would be more appropriate, etc.

    BTW, I keep the affiliation with the CICM because I started these projects there and it was great, now I'm working at Ircam for 2 years, so perhaps I will put a double affiliation :).

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  • Pierre Guillot

    If Automatism doesn't use externals and is made with abstractions, I guess it will be possible to generate a plug-in using a patch created with Automatism (but it will not be possible to edit the patch in the DAW).

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  • Pierre Guillot

    There is a new beta. Here are the other changes:

    • Fix object position and margin of GOP (#130)
    • Improved dynamic parching support (#128)
    • Fix LV2 parameters crash on Ardour (#188)
    • Add parameter range support for LV2 (#188)
    • Add parameter label support for LV2 (#188)
    • Fix one LV2 plugin instance limitation on macOS
    • Update AlmondOrgan example
    • Add a bundle with pre-compiled examples
      If there is no big issue in the next few weeks, I will release this version. And I'll start to work on the Unity support for the next future.

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  • Pierre Guillot

    After more than 2 years, I'm on the way to release a new version of Camomile (v1.0.7)! A beta version is already available, your feedback is welcome! Please, read carefully the documentation. For feature request and bug report, please use the issue section on the Github repository if you can.

    Change Log:

    • Update Pd version (0.51)
    • Update Juce version (6.0.0)
    • Remove VST2 support
    • Fix PdStalFx - DSP not recompiled (#126)
    • Fix PdStalFx - no loadbang (#126)
    • Fix PdStalFx - undefined when reloaded (#126)
    • Add PdStal - instrument version of PdStalFx (#126)
    • Fix openpanel and savepanel methods to use Unix path even on Windows (#131)
    • Fix openpanel and savepanel methods to output a symbol instead of a list of 1 element (#137)
    • Fix midiin objects support to output all the midi messages (#134)
    • Fix midiout objects support for 3 bytes messages and system exclusive messages (#134)
    • Fix camomile script to support white space in the path (#136)
    • Fix LV2 plugin freeze on Linux (#183)
    • Add support for manufacturer (#152)
    • Fix support for Logic X (#166)
    • Fix default display of parameters of Audio Unit (#153)
    • Fix expr objects on Windows (#139)
    • Fix MIDI in support for LV2 plugins (#160)
    • Minor fixes and improvements

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  • Pierre Guillot

    Great work! And your videos are so cool :)

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  • Pierre Guillot

    @Schorschua-Phrosch Yes, indeed. You have to use [receive openpanel] (and not [receive camomile]) to receive the file path. Here is the documentation. And here is a fixed version: Openpanel.pd.

    And as it seems that you use a Windows system, you will encounter the bug 131. I recommend you to use the beta release. Here is the last ones for Windows64 and for Windows32. At last, using your patch with the plugin PdStal just reveals a new bug - it seems there is a conflict with this example.I will fix this for the next release.

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  • Pierre Guillot

    @Schorschua-Phrosch There are two known issues with the openpanel method of Camomile v1.0.6 (131 and 137). The fixes are ready and will be present in the next release. If you think that your problem is related I can give you a beta release for your OS. Otherwise, fell free to report the bug on Github.


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  • Pierre Guillot

    And faustgen~ have to be compiled with the 64 bits floating-point support. I don't know how they managed it on Purr Data but I don't think it's compatible with Pd Vanilla...

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  • Pierre Guillot

    Yes, there is a link to the pd-faust (faust~) project in the help file and in the legacy section of the readme. I can't list the different features between the two objects, sorry. There are too many little things. I guess the best way would be to try both ;) What I can tell is that faust~ is based on the pure language so you have to install Faust and the pure language but it has the FAUST internal MIDI support and it dynamically creates Pd GUI to control the FAUST engine. What I tried to do with faustgen~ is offer an object easy to install and easy to use (Faust is embedded in the external there is nothing more to install) with the similar features to faustgen~ for Max - but the GUI and the MIDI are not managed by the object you have to patch it with Pd.

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