• Pierre Guillot

    Thank you!
    #122 is not implemented yet

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  • Pierre Guillot

    I published a new temporary version 1.0.8-beta4. This beta version should be stable (at least not less stable than the release 1.0.7) but I didn't manage to do all the features and fixes that I wanted to do for the version 1.0.8 yet. You can find the list of the fixes and improvements that are already done on the release section.

    Your feedback would be much appreciated!

    And here is a little demo of live patching in Reaper with Camomile and the object pd~:

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  • Pierre Guillot

    Linux Audio Conference is the premier meeting of developers, researchers, and artists developing and using free, libre and open-source audio software, mainly on the GNU/Linux operating system. The conference is part of the Linux Audio consortium.

    This year's Linux Audio Conference starts Wednesday, November 25th at 4:30 pm CET.


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  • Pierre Guillot

    This is not directly related to Pd but you might be interested in this conference because you can run Faust code inside Pd and you can generate Pd externals using Faust. Moreover, Faust is open-source and the conference is free and available to everyone 🙂

    The Second International Faust Conference (IFC-20) will take place by teleconferencing on December 1-2, 2020. It aims at gathering researchers, developers, musicians, computer artists using the Faust programming language to present current works, creations and projects and discuss future directions for Faust and its community. The 2020 edition is organized by the CICM (Centre de Recherches Informatique et Création Musicale) / the MUSIDANSE Lab / the Université Paris 8.

    In 2020, we will put a special focus on artistic, pedagogical, preservation and student projects made with Faust, as well as on the use of this language in mixed music on the Seine Saint-Denis territory. A workshop will bring together young musicians from Saint-Denis Conservatory with their professors, and students from the Music Department of Paris 8 University programming in Faust.

    The conference will propose sessions of paper presentations, as well as thematic round tables, demonstrations and tutorials, and artistic events with a concert of music pieces and the exhibition of installations using Faust.
    Details and presentation: https://ifc20.sciencesconf.org/

    See the call for papers, workshops and creations


    Practical information
    The conference and all its events will take place remotely and are free.

    The registration is mandatory on the conference website:


    The conference is supported by the AFIM (Association francophone d'Informatique Musicale, through the call for projects of the DGCA of the French Ministry for Culture and Communication) and the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Paris Nord (through the 2020 call for projects).

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  • Pierre Guillot

    Tomorrow at 5 p.m. UTC+1, there will be a conference by Philippe Manoury and Miller Puckette for the JIM2020 (Journées d'Informatique Musicale). If you are attending the conference, you will be able to watch the presentation live. Otherwise, you will be able to access the recording a few hours later on the youtube channel. Today, a concert will be broadcast for free on the same channel. The concert starts at 5 p.m. UTC+1.

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  • Pierre Guillot

    @starchild Thank you! I'm pleased these projects are useful to you.

    Yes, of course, anybody can contribute by creating issues, merge requests, or writing documentation on the GitHub repositories. You should have a look at this document. In general, I just try to avoid to do things that will complicate the maintenance of the projects because I've already difficulties to find time to work on them. So, it's often better to start a discussion on a subject before starting to develop, this way we could avoid conflicts, see if contributing directly to a project is suitable or if creating a side project would be more appropriate, etc.

    BTW, I keep the affiliation with the CICM because I started these projects there and it was great, now I'm working at Ircam for 2 years, so perhaps I will put a double affiliation :).

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  • Pierre Guillot

    If Automatism doesn't use externals and is made with abstractions, I guess it will be possible to generate a plug-in using a patch created with Automatism (but it will not be possible to edit the patch in the DAW).

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  • Pierre Guillot

    There is a new beta. Here are the other changes:

    • Fix object position and margin of GOP (#130)
    • Improved dynamic parching support (#128)
    • Fix LV2 parameters crash on Ardour (#188)
    • Add parameter range support for LV2 (#188)
    • Add parameter label support for LV2 (#188)
    • Fix one LV2 plugin instance limitation on macOS
    • Update AlmondOrgan example
    • Add a bundle with pre-compiled examples
      If there is no big issue in the next few weeks, I will release this version. And I'll start to work on the Unity support for the next future.

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  • Pierre Guillot

    After more than 2 years, I'm on the way to release a new version of Camomile (v1.0.7)! A beta version is already available, your feedback is welcome! Please, read carefully the documentation. For feature request and bug report, please use the issue section on the Github repository if you can.

    Change Log:

    • Update Pd version (0.51)
    • Update Juce version (6.0.0)
    • Remove VST2 support
    • Fix PdStalFx - DSP not recompiled (#126)
    • Fix PdStalFx - no loadbang (#126)
    • Fix PdStalFx - undefined when reloaded (#126)
    • Add PdStal - instrument version of PdStalFx (#126)
    • Fix openpanel and savepanel methods to use Unix path even on Windows (#131)
    • Fix openpanel and savepanel methods to output a symbol instead of a list of 1 element (#137)
    • Fix midiin objects support to output all the midi messages (#134)
    • Fix midiout objects support for 3 bytes messages and system exclusive messages (#134)
    • Fix camomile script to support white space in the path (#136)
    • Fix LV2 plugin freeze on Linux (#183)
    • Add support for manufacturer (#152)
    • Fix support for Logic X (#166)
    • Fix default display of parameters of Audio Unit (#153)
    • Fix expr objects on Windows (#139)
    • Fix MIDI in support for LV2 plugins (#160)
    • Minor fixes and improvements

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