• phasebash

    Nice work man. Also, good to see you here on the PD forums :)

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  • phasebash

    I have a patch which creates a dynamically sized "pattern" of N slots, and dynamically creates N inputs. This all works well. The patch generates the necessary tabwrite objects with the necessary integer offset to write an inlet to the proper table position.

    Example API:

    [pattern 5]

    Gives you a pattern with 5 slots, 6 inlets (1st is the trigger!)

    Anyway, I would like to do this:

    [pattern 5 0 0 1 2 6]

    This is a pattern of size 5, with default values of 0 0 1 2 and 6.

    How can I access $1 $2 $3 etc when generating messages to the patch where I dynamically create the objects? $1 in a message context is the 1st argument to the message, $1 will just escape the first $.

    Know what I'm saying?

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  • phasebash

    Agreed. It's also common to have a envelope follower on a sub patch output which is then patched to a switch~, thereby disabling the sub page when the output reaches a certain threshold.

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  • phasebash

    Have you read the Frodebeats pages on modular beats and physical modeling?

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