• petsuka

    Hi thanks for the answer!

    I am on a mac so no midiyoke but I can work with IAC.

    I added now a second virtual port in the IAC but MORE IMPORTANTLY
    I got MIDIPatchbay which somehow instantly made my data come alive and now there is output from every sensor which is viewable in ctlin Hurray!!!!

    BUT another problem:
    When I try to map in ableton, one of the channels is used AND the other channel I just once got to get mapped.

    I don't know why or how but one channel is always chosen when I try to manual map the controls
    (i used this here: https://www.ableton.com/en/manual/midi-and-key-remote-control/ under "Manual Control Surface Setup")
    and the other one is not
    (as said: I managed it just once. And i don't know how but it obviously has to work).

    I read somewhere that you can just map one input at once? I tried to simply turn off one of the sensors and thought that this would help to map the other sensors output.
    But no....

    I am really near my final goal guys! So please keep the info coming!

    All the best.

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  • petsuka

    Hey guys,

    I searched now for a lot of days for a solution and decided to sign up here and ask some specialists! :smiley:

    I am working on a simple arduino project with 4 sensors that SHOULD control ableton controlls (Volume, etc)
    I added now two sensors and pure data depicts successfully their incoming Data.

    BUT when I tried to connect this to Ableton the problem happens.

    Ableton just takes one of the sensors data and uses it as input for it's controls.
    (i know how to assign the midi input manually in ableton so the problem has to be somewhere else...I guess...)
    I put "ctlin" into the patch and found that "ctlout 1" shows output and channel number in "ctlin 1" but "ctl 4" has no data send to "ctlin 4" (see screenshot)

    I am a beginner in this and teach myself. So sorry if there is a major misunderstanding in my whole process.

    I would be really happy if someone would help me with this.
    I saw videos from people using also various sensors with the same components (arduino, live, pd) and it seemed to work for them to control different parts of ableton (like volume or frequency).

    So a hint on what I have to do would be nice.
    Also: if there are easier ways to make multiple sensors work with Ableton, please feel welcomed to tell me!

    Thanks a lot!
    Screenshot 2014-11-28 15.09.09.png

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