• patsch

    hej, hej : )

    when i'm starting pd (version 0.39.2-extended-test3) there are these starting up thingis:

    ieee1394 for linux

    so, when i connect my webcam (v4l), it's recognized as /dev/video0 and i can work with it.
    but when i connect my camcorder (firewire) dmesg shows me, that it's recognized as /dev/raw1394...

    i'm working with GEM. so i set pix_video with the device1, driver 1 ...and tried many more numbers... why isn't here the possibility to write the /dev/* ?

    what can i make, that pd nows that it should look at /dev/raw1394??

    i thought about the mknod option... but that's a bad hack ; )


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