• pammie

    I would like to lower the comport poll interval from 10 to 3 msec.

    As I understood it can be set in multiples of 10 ms?? When I try to send [pollintervall 3< to comport it stays around 10 msec?? Could it be possible that comport doesn't accept pollintervall changes at all?? I can't really find it in the source code (though I'm no expert in this)

    Is there a way to lower pollintervall below 10 ms, or should I change the source code for it :$??

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  • pammie

    I have a couple of arduino's and I2C devices i'm scanning via a single XBee (XB24, AT) connected to one of the arduino's with controls the data stream. Observing one of the ADC channels made me wonder about the speed of the data transfer and about the timing of it.

    So I decided to measure the timing between these packages with [realtime]. I discovered that timing is mostly about 60 usec, but sometimes more than 15 msec.

    Before I start asking stupid questions in Arduino/Xbee fora I wanted to make sure that the problem lies not with [realtime] in PD. A quick search didn't reveal anything though.. Or maybe the problem lies within the way I use the patch??

    Some more info:
    the A packet is on the controlling arduino. So i concluded it must be an Xbee problem.
    the C packet (combined from 2 other arduino's via I2C) never gets more than 70 usec.
    There is never a complete package set (A to G) which is under about 10 msec.
    Offcourse for realtime music 10 msec is hardly acceptable
    The patch is a stripped one, only for measuring timing


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  • pammie

    Hi guys,

    I'm still struggling to get pd extended running properly on my Windows XP laptop.

    It could be because of importing libraries, but I wasn't able to find any information on how to do this.

    At first I had a 'couldn't create' problem with major commands. Ofcourse I tried 'Reset to Default' button. This didn't work however. Then I put
    [import extra vanilla] in the patch and that worked fine.

    But when I try to choose the Audio Midi testing option in the Media Menu PD crashes. My systemlog reports it happened in metro which is used in the Audio/Midi display. Then I searched for metro.dll, and discovered it in startup/vanilla and extra/vanilla. I was wondering or the crash could be the cause of importing the same library twice??

    I suppose the startup/vanilla and startup/extra are the libraries run on default?? But why does my PD ext on W7 this automatically, and PD ext. on W XP not??

    How should I use the import command to load the right libraries??

    Is there any (more extensive) information about the import command???

    Thanks, Pam

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  • pammie

    I'm quite a newbie to PD.

    Installing pd extended on a Windows 7 computer worked fine. As I'm developping a Wind Midi controller a more mobile computer is easier. PD for my Android tablet would be nice but making it works seems to difficult for me. Therefor I installed pd extended on an old laptop: a Compaq 700EA. I made a new Windows XP Pro installation, and installed pd extended.
    As I try to open a patch (that worked on pd for Windows7) it crashes (error report available). If I 'reset to default values' it opens but it doesn't recognize dac~ nbx en vu commands.
    Then I deleted pd extended and made a pd installation. This seems to work but it doesn't recognize the comport command.

    Win 7 and Win XP installations are both 0.43.4

    Does anybody have an idea how to solve this??

    Greetings, Pammie

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  • pammie

    I figured it out: default pollinterval is 10 msec, pollintervall argument is in msec.

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  • pammie

    Hi efils,

    it seems I'm having the same problem. Did you make any progress?? See:

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  • pammie

    Well I tried your suggestions but it didn't change anything. Found this discussion though.
    It describes the same problem on a W98. A comment is made that it's because it tries to execute a SSE2 command, which is not possible on older processors. Mine is an AMD Duron.
    I was wondering however: during installing the installer wants to change some files in system32 or something like that. Could this be related??

    ... installed it again with installer download. It installs 27 dll's in system32.

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  • pammie

    Wow Shawn,

    that's very extensive. I'm going to work it out, and will report about it. In the mean time I expected it to be something with the audio card/ settings,

    Thanks a lot!!!

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  • pammie

    OK, solved it myself. I will describe what I did for other newbies:

    First I pressed Reset to Default
    Then I made a small patch according the example in import. I used [import osc cyclone extra vanilla] maybe double up... I don't know... but it worked for me.
    banged it through the list.
    Then I closed the patch and opened my orignal patch. No problems then anymore.

    Pd keeps crashing though in different situations (e.g. loading test audio and midi)

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