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    @whale-av Thank you again.
    My problem is that if i try to open the streamout13-help my pd crashes (it closes).
    udpsend~ is not known by my pure data installation
    I tried the pd-extended on one mac running osx el capitan and on another runnin osx yosemite.
    So i first have to figure out how to run that on my macs.
    Is anyone out there having a solution for that?

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    That was easy. I used the ggee/streamout~
    The other ones are not working. Don't know why.

    Next question.
    Is there any way to do this in stereo, beeing sure that left and right are in sync?

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    i just want to stream the system sound of one computer to a raspberrypi.
    I thought it would be nice two write to patches, one running on the Computer streaming the Audio and one on the Raspberry Pi.
    To get the System Sound into the Patch of the sender I would choose soundflower.
    Maybe ther is a much simpler way to do that. So if you know one, give me a hint..

    My Problem: I'm not realy used to pure data. I want to use it because it is running on MacOS and on Linux. Sending Messages from a to b is no Problem for me, but doing this with a signal i have no glue.

    I attache a patch that I did today trying to Send the Audio via Single 8 Bit Messages.

    Can anybody help me?

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