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    I recently registered here, only to ask a question actually :)
    The OpenMind days mentioned in the title is an event that will happen at my University (Warsaw School of Econmics) in a few months.
    I cannot reveal too much right now, but as you probably guessed it's about open-source... in general ;)

    I remember once being shown some videos of... well, "interactive" videos supposedly created with PD. As I myself have absolutely no knowledge about using/programming Pure Data I decided to seek help in the PD community :)

    During the OpenMind event we would like to show our fellow students/co-workers and anyone who visits the event, how productive, interactive and entertaining such community-based open-source projects can be.

    So my question is:
    Is anyone (the community in general) able to help us with either the development of a simple PD interactive application (If it utilizes a camera/mic/etc the better!) or point me to some ready-made examples? Are there any ready patches (ease of use is of top priority, because we don't have enough time to "learn" PD with all the work still ahead of us) that would help us "show-off" PD? Are we even allowed to do that? :)

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