• odus

    Hey there !

    Same issue for me happened this morning....
    Occures on Ventura 13.0.1 (M2).

    I tried to do what everybody suggested on this post but nothing worked for me, any ideas ?

    Best regards

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  • odus

    Hey there,

    I might ask a question that has already found its answer here. I tried to take a big look here, in the documentation and other forums but I couldn't find anything...
    I always get an error message when oppening a .pd file after adding a folder to pd's startup files. Pd crashes everytime I add a new folder too.. It might be linked I guess
    I add a new folder in 'Modify -> Preferences -> Startup -> Startup Path' in PdL2Ork.
    The type path I write is : Macintosh HD/Users/[me]/[PureDataFolder]/[name of the folder I want to add], but it doesn't work
    I've tried to write it in english, french (it's my system language) but it doesn't work.. Do I have to try spanish ??
    Does anyone had this issue before ? It becomes to be a little annoying not to be able to tidy up my files correctly..

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  • odus

    @parisgraphics hey there,

    I'm learning Pd since this year and I have to admit that Soud Simulator's tutorials are relatively goor regardless of your OS (he uses macOS).
    He made a video on sending midi note from Pd to a DAW here :

    I think you might be also interressed by his playlist on Pd :

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