• Nullstrahler

    @bocanegra said:

    You can get the latest .deb files from debians website: https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=puredata but that means you gotta figure out dependencies yourself

    Thanks. That is where problems start, as I do not understand exactly what this means or how to do this.

    As far as I got with my unfortunately non existing knowledge in compiling programs in Linux I went here:



    Pure Data For All platforms

    Extracted the file and followed the instructions in the


    file. When I type

    " cd path/to/pd'

    in the Terminal I still get the message:

    Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden (no such file or directory)

    That is where my attempts to install 51-4 stops.

    But anyway I am now upgraded to Ubuntu Studio 20.04 and thus I can use pd 50.2 which is absolutely sufficient for me right now.
    If there was any hints regarding the installation of pd 51-4 or some clearance where I am on the wrong path I still would be interested.


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  • Nullstrahler

    Hello and thanks.
    Not a particular reason for using 16.04 beside some paranoic relationship to upgrades caused by expereiences with windows.
    But I guess I have to install 20.04.
    Just did this on another system; worked fine, but still it is pd 50.2 coming with studio 20.04.
    I guess if I really would like to install pd 51.4 it is not working by running sudo apt install pure data , is it?

    But anyway I will try after installing Ubuntu Studioi 20.04

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  • Nullstrahler

    Hello there,

    I am just trying desperately to install pd 51-4 on my Ubuntu studio 16.04.
    Downloaded and unpacked the folder pd-0.51-4; opened the install file and followed instrutions:
    Opened the terminal
    When trying
    cd path/to/pd I get the message
    Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden (no such file or directory)

    Any ideas? Tried to solve this by reading about this in the internet, but could not find any helpful hints so far.


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