• noou

    @LiamG Thanks a lot. I'll look into it.
    In the meantime I also found this, which could serve for my purpose https://puredata.info/downloads/kiosk-plugin

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  • noou

    Is there a way to prevent closing an opened subpatch window? I mean, to disable the OS-side 'x' button on top of the window.
    I know this is possible in Max

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  • noou

    Implementing a drum physical model as an external is not exactly an easy job... However physical models would indeed provide the dynamics you are looking for.

    You may start with a ready-made physically-based synthesis engine: http://www.soundobject.org/SDT/
    In particular, the impact models of the SDT may be of some interest for you: [impact_2modalb~] or [impact_inertialb_modalb~]

    You can get an idea of the SDT's "drum potential" here:
    and here:

    In order to parametrize the "modes" of the resonator (object 2 of the impact model), you may start by extracting 3 or 4 partials (e.g. with the help of http://www.sonicvisualiser.org/ ) out of a drum sound sample you like, and use the extracted frequency, amplitude, decay.

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  • noou

    Dear all,

    I wonder if there's a C++ wrapper available for externals development (apart from flext, which I currently use).
    I know that for Max there's a C++ wrapper: http://code.google.com/p/maxcpp/

    Thanks in advance.

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  • noou

    dear all,

    I'd like to buy either an iPod touch or a high-end Android device (Acer Liquid), but I'm unsure about which one...
    Of course I'd like to stay "open" and I'm quite biased towards Android, however it seems to me that Pd still requires a lot of time in order to work properly on Android devices...
    On the other hand I'm not sure whether Pd is really working on the iPod... I can't find any example video where this is proved, and I read on puredata.info that the GUI is still missing.

    I don't want rjdj, just plain Pd, better if working also with my own externals.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • noou


    I recently noticed that recent versions of pd (both vanilla and extended) and other portaudio-based applications (e.g. Audacity) don't see some ASIO drivers: namely, the RME Fireface 800 and Reaper's ReaRoute ASIO drivers.

    I found several posts in different forums around about both issues, and I've drawn the following conclusions:

    • the RME driver ASIO driver simply doesn't work, and nobody actually knows why. However some people report to get ultra-low latencies (3ms) with the MME (or MMIO as in pd) drivers. Moreover, they can use the multi-in multi-out capability of the RME only when set at 48000 Hz (but this is another story...) I will ask RME directly about these issues.
    • the ReaRoute ASIO driver is blacklisted by portaudio (as of v19) and therefore discarded...
      This is the most urgent issue because I need to route audio from pd to Reaper with the lowest possible latency/cpu load.
      Please help!

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  • noou

    unfortunately both [maxlib/scale] and [range] are seriously bugged...
    I discovered that trying to invert a range of numbers: [maxlib/scale 0 1 1 0] only outputs 1.
    Then I found this old bug report: https://sourceforge.net/p/pure-data/bugs/670/

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  • noou

    thank you guys!
    unfortunately, the remote control option via OSC is not my goal... let's hope Pd for Android, or even a proper GUI for Pd on iPhone, will come soon!

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