• nhouse

    the autoscript file is accessible here

    sudo nano /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart

    at the end i discovered that GPIO 20 and 21 of the RPi were fried. i replaced the Pi and now i don't get the double Puredata instance anymore. this will keep been a mistery :)

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  • nhouse

    @Coalman if for example, I have set Netreceive 3000 at startup, I receive the error of ''address already in use''. In this case i change it with 5000, close the patch and open again and i don't receive the same error anymore. BUt at the next startup the error comes back. This (plus the 2 puredata processes that i see after i type the ''top'' command) leads me to believe that the patch gets opened twice.
    The operating system is new but indeed i will try to unistall and install puredata again. That could be true.
    @whale-av the line that i wrote in autoscript is just:
    pd path/to/file.pd

    i also tried to open it from within a script with the following

    import time
    import os
    p = os.popen('pd /home/pi/Desktop/Main_Patch_Pd/main_patch.pd')

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  • nhouse

    Hello everybody!

    I really can't find a solution for this problem.
    I hope someone is able to help me?
    so, i'm running Puredata on a Raspberry Pi and I

    I inserted a line in the autostart file in order to open a Puredata patch at startup and the patch get successfully loaded.

    The Puredata patch uses NETRECEIVE since receives instructions from Python.

    Everytime the patch opens, I receive the error: "bind: address already in use (98)"
    of course i tried to change address but at start up i receive the same message

    if a type ''top'' command on the terminal, shows me 2 processes of Puredata running and i believe that this is the cause of the problem. (one process starts on the back and takes the occupy the port

    I'm aware that the topic is not strictly Puredata but many of you have shown deep skills in such different environments, therefore you might be able to help!
    thanks in advance

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  • nhouse

    @60hz it works! so that was really the issue! will try to understand the reason now (and eventually how to fix it)
    thanks to both of you! @whale-av

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  • nhouse

    @whale-av i thought about a similar issue, but i really don't know how to check or fix!
    i have tried:

    • old mac/same puredata/same python 3.8
    • old raspberry(linux)/python 3.7
    • freshly new installed Raspberry/python 3.9
    • new mac/new puredata/new python3.9
    • new mac/new puredata/new python2.7

    i'm thinking that maybe i'm doing something wrong because i tried to run the Pd patch and the python script on a different computer (again mac) but it doesn't work.

    @60hz can you tell me what you have done to change to an absolute path?
    do you get the bang message in the Puredata window as intended?

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  • nhouse

    Schermata 2021-04-21 alle 17.57.29.png @60hz yes was a mistake when i saved the patch for the test.
    As i imagined. (all this stopped working at same point, now they are not working neither on my macbook nor on the Raspberry Pi.
    no idea what is blocking such communication. It really could be a strike?

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  • nhouse

    chenged port and it doesn't change anything.
    also, "netstat -a", shows that the port 3000 was free.

    if someone would be so kind to try this on their computer, i uploaded the 2 patches on github:

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  • nhouse

    Schermata 2021-04-20 alle 23.40.49.png Hello! i need help for a weird issue with Netreceive which is receiving messages from Send2Pd of a Python script.
    in the past i followed this article https://guitarextended.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/make-python-and-pure-data-communicate-on-the-raspberry-pi/
    and i was receiving the messages (i received a nice Bang every time the code on python was running)

    Now Puredata doesn't seem to receive the messages anymore but i'm using the same patch/ same script!
    This is totally weird to me and i can't really understand why. It looks like they are on 2 different worlds.
    This is probably something very stupid but indeed i need help!
    What could be now the obstacle?
    thanks for any help!

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  • nhouse

    @whale-av hello!
    i will need to drive a series of led WS2812B given an audio level on a puredata . so essentially i need to mimic the pvu~ with the leds as well as JackPD wanted to do (i believe).
    The comport object seems like a good solution since it doesn't require the communication with phyton but it sounds a bit tricky to make it work.

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  • nhouse

    @JackPD Hello. and apologize if i'm writing in a very old thread but i'm trying to do something very similar and i stumpled across this post. i wanted to ask you how did you menage to represent the vu values in Led meter?
    how can Phyton process these data and use them straight away for controlling the GPIOs?
    thanks in advance for any hint! cheers

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