• Mortfell

    @jyg ohhhhhh ok thank you very much
    Of course ya ya
    I had no idea that was a newish addition to the application, should be easy to fix

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  • Mortfell

    Ah yes, sorry you are right
    I am talking about forward compatibility not backwards compatibility
    But in any case, this should be possible I guess if I can fix this issue.

    What is "listbox" ?
    I'm not using an object called listbox anywhere...
    is listbox related to the "list" object?

    I can see if I open up my Puredata patch as a text file and search, there are multiple references to "listbox" but I'm not aware of what it is.....

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  • Mortfell

    @alexandros thinking of this makes me realize, like you say:
    if one things loads wrong or doesn't have the correct number of outlets and inlets that could cause a problem in loading the rest of the patch or subpatch, I'll check the error messages.

    Checking the messages I see there is a line in red:
    canvas: no method for 'listbox'
    Followed by messages relating too failed connections.

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  • Mortfell

    @alexandros Oh ok yes, good to know.
    But I did not make the patch in Purr Data.
    I made this patch in Puredata 0.52, (where it works correctly)

    And tried opening it in both Puredata 0.49 and Purr Data, in both the patching gets messed up. Here is a picture of what I mean

    Patch working correctly in 0.52
    puredata  0.52.png

    Patch loading strangely in 0.49
    puredata 0.49.png

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  • Mortfell

    Yes, that's what I expected. And why I'm confused.

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  • Mortfell

    Hey everyone
    I've been working on a fairly elaborate sequencer patch in Puredata Vanilla version 0.52. I'm using just vanilla objects which have all been available in Puredata for some time.

    I noticed when I open this patch in "Purr Data" or in older versions of Vanilla Puredata, (like 0.49), all the objects load correctly, but a lot of the patching is wrong. Specifically in sub-patches, the patching is just...... all over the place with cords going everywhere and not at all how it was patched when I made things.

    I'm interested in making sequencers in Puredata that can be used on platforms like Bela or the Organelle. Those types of things usually use older versions of Pd. I expected that, because .pd files are human readable text files, there would be backwards compatibility, but I guess this was a faulty assumption?

    I'm curious:
    Is Vanilla Puredata generally not backwards compatible with older versions? Or is this a bug? Is there any easy way I could correct the patching in my patch so that it'll open in older versions of Puredata without having to re-patch everything? Or should I just stick to older versions of Puredata for this type of work going forward?


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