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    Normally i'm using a guitarfx pedals feedback loop to create my sounds and PD to process samples of those sounds.

    Today i tried something different, unfortunately without the results i was hoping for.

    i put my laptop WITHIN the feedback chain, (using it as any other pedal).
    without pd everything sounds and behaves as normaL. But when starting pd the sound and feedback loop characteristics are not as usual. even with the most basic patch: --> adc~ -> (volume) -> dac~ . (i haven't tried any other program, pd is the only audiosoftware i use).

    normally these kind of feedback loops gives you all kinds of strange ( and unexpected) sound(effect)s, (like when tweaking just a normal volume pot of an FX pedal the pitch and color changes, but with pd these caracteristics are mostly gone ( volume is working as a volume pot again, BUT still there's feedback created).

    i found out changing the delay time in the audio settings menu alters the sound, so i' was thinking the problem occurs because of not being realtime (although i set realtime priority to pd). am i right? i hope not..
    I just use the onboard audio from the laptop (MIC in, line out), running winxp..

    anyone can help??

    uw, my english is not the best, hope i'm clear enough.

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