• matthew-w

    ok I've switched by slashed and I now I'm getting this

    /Program Files/pd/bin/pd -lib /Program Files/pd/gem/gem-0.90.1/: can't load library

    what exactly am I trying to point to? the .dll file or something else?

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  • matthew-w

    I'm trying to use GEM on Windows XP and I'm having trouble specifying the pathway for startup

    I have the following

    \Program Files\pd\bin\pd -lib /Program Files/pd/gem/gem-0.90.1

    I get the following response:

    consistency check failed: sys_decodedialog: \{+Program+_Filespdbinpd+_-lib+_/Program+_Files/pd/gem/gem-0.90.1\}

    My guess is I have some serious syntax errors. Any help?

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