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    We are 2weird, a little creative union from Molotov City, Russia. We are proud to present you the first volume of “The Promo”. A Matvei’s debut work in the field of algorithmic brake beat.

    [url=http://2weird.com.ru/2wm1.htm ]http://2weird.com.ru/2wm1.htm

    All traks were straightly recorded from pure data.


    We are waiting for your comments.

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    FORTRAN is really comfortable for different mathematical algorithms, so if someone saw manual or examples of writing pd objects in FORTRAN, please write a link here. Thanks.

    P.S.: Excuse my English: it’s not very good, but I hope you can understand me.

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    I suppose you can use lop~ and hip~.

    I used them for 3 band equalizer and they worked rather well (for my ears), but I think their sounding wasn’t perfect.

    Is fir~ - the finite impulse response filter? That kind of filters is best for equalizing.

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    It was so terrible?

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