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    Wow you just did it! Master David.

    I was just far away from that haha.

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    Thanks for answering whale-av. You are right, by now I only know how to generate "y" (frecuency) with for example an "osc~" or a "phasor". As you mentioned the "metro object" could be used to trigger "x" (time), in my case it is simple since "x" corresponds to constant intervals. Now each time metro triggers it should make another object(s) trigger (wich I don´t know what could be), this object(s) has to read my values for "y" (frecuency) in line order. And the values that this object(s) reads must be send to the "number object" of the oscilator.
    You mean I can create this object in a combination of "textfile object" with "float object"?

    So the "textfile object" will contain my data for "y" and the "float object" will read the data of the "text object" in line order.


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    Hello PD community!

    As part of a personal project, I need to transform columns of data (two variables) to sound. My variables are "x": distance and "y": height, so I would like the transformation to be to "x": time and "y" :frequency (hz). I tried several methods like first plotting the data and then entering it into software like AudioPaint or Coagula, but the result when looking at the spectrogram in software like Audacity leaves a lot to be desired, it's very messy. I tried a software called SIGVIEW and it's not neat enough either.
    Three days ago I started with Pure Data, and this is what I have learned playing with the software:
    First I need to create a frequency modulated synthesis, where the carrier would be my "x" values, and the modulator would be my "y" values. This I was able to do already.
    I have to export my data from excel in .csv or .txt format.

    What I know and I don't know how to do it:
    input the .csv or .txt data to Pd (I have read and seen several patch models, but I am far from understanding how they work). For example when I look at the Pd browser and the instructions tell me to create a message object that says |open .txt|, I understand the logic. But I also understand that I can't open any .txt as I haven't created any. Sorry for being a newbie
    Assign my "x" data to the carrier and assign my "y" data to the modulator.

    I know this isn't the first time someone has asked this question, but the answers I've found have given me little clarification and even left me more confused.

    I would really appreciate any tips you can give me!

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