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    One thing to keep in mind with these externals (unless you have modified them, which I don't know how to do) is that they were created/adapted for use in Organelle, that is, at 44.1K and 16 bits.

    The original hardware modules have different and very varied sample rates. In short, I think clouds uses 32k, rings 48k, braids 96k, etc...

    They are great externals, I managed to compile them in Linux after looking for some information and since then I haven't stopped using them.

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    @Nicolas-Danet said:

    QWERTY keyboard! Does it works if you add following code?

        event add <<NewObject>>                 <$mod-Key-1>
        event add <<NewMessage>>                <$mod-Key-2>
        event add <<NewAtom>>                   <$mod-Key-3>
        event add <<NewSymbol>>                 <$mod-Key-4>
        event add <<NewComment>>                <$mod-Key-5>
        event add <<NewBang>>                   <$mod-Key-6>
        event add <<NewToggle>>                 <$mod-Key-7>
        event add <<NewDial>>                   <$mod-Key-8>
        event add <<NewArray>>                  <$mod-Key-9>

    There < https://github.com/Spaghettis/Spaghettis/blob/master/tcl/ui_bind.tcl#L106 >.

    Yes, that worked.

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    @Nicolas-Danet said:

    Have you tried to create object (ctrl + 1) with the shift key also? It is always laborious to get it works on all platforms < https://github.com/Spaghettis/Spaghettis/blob/master/tcl/ui_bind.tcl#L94

    I only get four objects using Shift+Control.
    Shift+Control+1 = Dial
    Shift+Control+2 = Atom
    Shift+Control+6 = Object
    Shift+Control+8 = Comment

    . And could you tell me what you get for $OSTYPE value in a terminal/bash?

    echo $OSTYPE


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    @Nicolas-Danet said:

    On GNU/Linux Spaghettis uses JACK as backend, but contrary to Pd vanilla it is not connected by default (i use a permanent patchbay with qjackctl on my laptop).

    That was, as I always start jack from the terminal I hadn't noticed.
    Now it works and I have sound.

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    I have to read more before I ask. I overlooked that you were using dpkg-query, but I could have imagined it because in the documentation you clearly say that the compilation tests have been done in Ubuntu.
    I removed that part of the script and it compiled without problems.
    But... I can't get it to sound and I have some problems with the keyboard. I can't do Ctrl+ 1, for example.
    I think I'll try it better on a virtual machine or a mac.

    Thanks Nicolas.

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  • macrogmittrei

    Hi Nicolas.

    I'm trying to compile from Arch Linux.
    I have tk8.6 installed (tk-8.6.10-1), but I get the following error:
    buildLinux sh: tk8.6 package required

    Any idea?

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  • macrogmittrei

    @EEight said:

    If you're on linux, I just hack something using xinput and open source control...
    Let me know if you're interested.

    I'm a little late, but could you explain how you do it?
    Thank you EEight.

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  • macrogmittrei

    You're welcome, I'm glad it works now.
    You can also download them manually (and compile) if they are not in the repository or if you don't find them with Deken.

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  • macrogmittrei

    If I'm not mistaken and I understand you correctly, you must compile the externals for ARM.
    Maybe did you copy them from an Intel computer?

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  • macrogmittrei

    The good thing about Pd is that you can really use it as software, but you can also turn it into hardware and design your own instruments.
    And now that there are so many SBC's around and increasingly at better prices, it's much easier to create a dedicated instrument. You just have to learn something about GNU/Linux, maybe Arduino and basic electronics. Something you can learn in a very short time.

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