• lordgreekfolder

    @beem I love it. This is amazing! I have so many scattered bookmarks and whatnot that I'm going to sift through and add to this doc.

    Thank for this.

    Also, just to clarify my earlier comments: I'd like to make it clear that I love this idea completely, and if anything I said was interpreted to mean that this is a bad idea, then I apologize for that. The main thrust of my earlier comments was really to ponder what I see as the fragmented state of PD. My reasoning was this: a stronger community would lead to a stronger collaborative effort at wiki-building.

    And also, a stronger community would lead to an even stronger community. This is not the thread for that conversation, though.


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  • lordgreekfolder

    @ingox thanks, I didn't know about that page.

    I guess what I meant though is that compared to something like SuperCollider or Monome, PD seems to be fractured into many distinct communities. It's great that that page exists with all those resources, and it's also great to have so many different options for people's different preferences. But I sometimes wonder what could happen if, for example, everyone on the PD mailing list also hung out on this forum. When you have a community dispersed into so many smaller pieces, I think there are bad side effects. Like, for example, certain knowledge or sets of expertise that are well-represented in one area, like the Discord server, but not in another, like the IRC.

    It seems like, especially if you're new to PD, that this can be a major hindrance.

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  • lordgreekfolder

    It seems to me that part of the issue is how disconnected all the various PD communities are.

    There's the mailing-list which has its regulars,
    There's the Discord and the community there.
    There's this site.
    There's all the users who put their stuff on puredata.info.
    There's the subreddit.
    I didn't even know there was an IRC.

    I haunt all of those places (except the IRC), and while I know there are others who also spend time in each, I also know that there are folks who really just stick to one or two.

    I think there are more than enough PD users to make and maintain a wiki, but I don't think there are enough PD users in any one single place to actually achieve it. This strikes me as being one of the major things that holds PD back.

    Take, for example, the Monome community over at lines. That community is small in terms of raw users, its centered around really esoteric and expensive gear, but its also absolutely thriving because they're not dispersed across 6 different platforms.

    I don't know. I guess I wish the PD community had a more obvious center to it. And a wiki would work only if it were located at/near that center. But damn, I really want it. I think it's an amazing idea and it would solve some serious shortcomings.

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  • lordgreekfolder

    I'm sure that there is a more elegant solution, but here are two similar approaches that I thought up last night when I missed my train and had time to kill. Note that you don't have to add 1 every time, but that value could change on the fly.


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  • lordgreekfolder

    0 - x would work, right?

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  • lordgreekfolder

    It's definitely not perfect, but I just made this. It only works for a list containing four elements. It uses a subpatch that permutes a list of three elements (much easier to do).


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  • lordgreekfolder

    Hello, I'm one of the lurkers. I've been checking the forum daily for several months now while I've been learning Pd.

    I was going to wait to post until I either had an unsolvable issue or helpful knowledge/experience.

    I couldn't help but jump into this conversation (since it took a turn toward web cookies), to share these links with you all:

    -This is a great, no tracking, no-search-saving search engine that I've started using for all my searching, and this:


    I've been using to monitor and block the tracking scripts from Google Analytics, DoubleClick, ClickTale, etc.

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