• lineacurva

    Hi guys,

    just installed Ubuntu 10.04 on this Ibookg4 12".
    Not a much experienced linux user so probably I'm missing something really obvious.

    I have a problem with libgsl0: even if I have installed the libgls0-dev (and libgsl-dbg too) package installer in warning me:

    Dependency is not satisfiable: libgsl0

    I've updated to most recent version but still the same. I've also tryed to uninstall and reinstall package with an older version. Nothing changes.

    I'm trying to install Pd-0.39.3-extended-debian-stable-powerpc.deb

    Made some searches but with no solution for me.

    any hint?

    thanks! Luca

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  • lineacurva

    pdp_canvas not working even for me, while other pdp_*** are working.

    Any hint?

    Lib seems to be loaded correctly:

    PDP: pure data packet version 0.12.5-darcs
    [pdp_qt]: setting LIBQUICKTIME_PLUGIN_DIR to:
    PiDiP : additional video processing objects for PDP
    version 0.12.22 ( ydegoyon@free.fr )
    pdp_colorgrid: version 0.4
    by Yves Degoyon (ydegoyon@free.fr) & Lluis Gomez i Bigorda (lluis@artefacte.org)

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