• lindberg

    I'm new to Pure data.. I want to make a sequencer for iOS which is something like Rebirth from propellerhead - the 808, 909 drum machines (I think I will have samples to start with) and a 303.. but with more polyphony so chords can be done.

    Is Pure data ( PdLib ) in combination with objective-C for this a good idea?

    Any recommendations where to start?

    I'm planning to read this book that might give me some more inspiration and guidance
    Making Musical Apps: Real-Time Audio Synthesis on Android and IOS
    Peter Brinkmann

    I know some objective C, C++, Java and allot of HTML5 with PHP/SQL stuff etc and been tweaking knobs on synthesizers for 20 years or so (since I was a kid).

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  • lindberg

    I'm thinking about making a "hardware" little drum machine / sequencer on an RTOS running some Linux RTOS..

    Anybody got any suggestions if "Pure data" is a good idea to use and which RTOS that would fit or if there is better stuff to use? All inspiration / suggestions / inspiration welcome.

    The machine would perhaps look like a "launchpad" kind of, but with some extra knobs with a 3.5 mm output plug for earphones and a usb port (or perhaps transfering data via the 3.5 mm plug :)))) with some imaginary complex numbers for transfering data ;) I want to have some flexibility in creating the synths etc but i dont want unnecessary extra work

    Just a hobby project / idea.

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  • lindberg

    I did a quick try of autotune(vocoder)2.pd .. looks good. And input seem to work. However i didnt get any output.. did i miss something? I'm still a ambitious newbie to pure data.. Anyone got a good tip for a complete patch of an auto tuner? I will perhaps make an ios / android music app.. so this would be awesome to look closer at

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