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    I previously had version 0.49.3 on Raspi 3B. After opening a patch and additionally opening the object overview window, it crashed. My guess is that the DSP opens 2x independent DAC output, which doesn't work due to the BCM2835's lack of hardware mixing. Current compiled version 0.53 (puredata.info) can represent this problem at least in the console, if you start it from there. XRuns occur, but the program does not crash. You clearly see, that ALSA restarts like crazy. You should also check in the second window whether the ALSA settings are correct and save them there if necessary. It's obviously a sound chip issue. For the object overview, however, I added a [loadbang]->[;pd dsp 0] message and saved it.
    You can also turn off DSP before opening another patch (or subpatch!) that will automatically turn on DSP, which happens under the hood, e.g., the help patches. With these changes, so far, it works for me. Furthermore, a proper sound card with hardware mixing would solve the issue. You get the idea.

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