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    I had the same issue. One of the threads @jameslo linked to suggested [iemguts/oreceive] which worked great for me. Using [value] is viable too and it's automatically updated in [expr~] expressions which helps a lot, but it has to be banged otherwise so I ended up using a combination of the two.

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    Hi all,

    Part of my patch involves a looping sampler with envelope generator. I had it working just fine with sliders to control the points of the envelope but they were kinda clunky GUI-wise so I am trying to draw an envelope on top of the sample array using Purr Data's [draw]. This is giving me some issues:

    1. I want a grid of instances of my sample abstraction, like a drumrack, and I want individual ADSR envelopes with each sample. In vanilla I could put a [namecanvas] inside the array but this doesn't seem possible anymore with Purr Data. I figured the way to go would be to put the array in a graph-on-parent subpatch, and use [namecanvas] and [draw] to draw the envelope on top of it. But the bounds rectangles do not seem to be following even though the graphs are, and I'm wondering if I need to use something like [donecanvasdialog( to hack it into shape. Image of this phenomenon attached. The first label is covered up by its symbol box as intended but the next two show up on top of it. When I make another instance on the parent parent patch, the array shows up all the way at x=0 no matter where I put the abstraction. Maybe I need to pass the (x,y) coords of each abstraction as arguments too?

    Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 1.03.21 AM.png

    1. In vanilla I could set the arguments of [drawcurve] to variables and it would automatically let me interact with those via click-dragging. I see the "drag" mouse event in the documentation for the new SVG functions, but I am used to the old way and wondering what the new way to do this is.
    2. It seems like my initial attempts at using [draw] were drawing underneath whatever was already there, is there a way to make it draw on top instead?

    I have put many many hours into this crazy just intonation synthesizer project, have made a ton of progress and would love to share it with you guys once I have something a little more polished, I am just trying to get this GUI a little nicer and it is giving me headache. So thanks in advance for any guidance you may be able to offer.

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