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    Hi all,

    I have some trouble running firmata on the pro mini. Although the same patch runs fine on both my Duemilanove's.

    Apparently firmata isn't entirely the same on these mini's. Although Since arduino 0017 I can connect and send data, it's not without errors. First of all

    [arduino]_WARNING_currently_unsupported: 176
    [arduino]_WARNING_currently_unsupported: 160
    [arduino]_WARNING_currently_unsupported: 176

    Is what I see when I try to run the pd patch. lot's of those, thousands...

    Another weird thing is that even though pin 13 is unconnected on the arduino, It's the only pin that seems to work. I really don't get it. Is there some sort of different mapping? normally only pin 9-10-11 are supposed to work.

    yet another thing id that PD becomes very unresponsive (waiting for serial data??) is this normal behavior if the firmata is buggy or something?

    any ideas anyone?

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  • kaosbeat


    I just downloaded the http://at.or.at/hans/pd/Pduino-0.5beta3.zip package.
    results of my tests:

    on the duemilanove Atmel 168 SimpleAnalogFirmata:

    quick testing seems ok, but only harwarePWM (no soft pwm on e.g. pin 13) I don't know if this was intended, but in the source it says:

    /* Supports as many analog inputs and analog PWM outputs as possible.

    So I was hoping for automagic softPWM, but for the rest everything seems fine (I tested PWM digital out)

    on the nanopromini I saw some weirdness...
    first of all I could not compile firmata for it on linux (32bit) in arduino0017 or at least not upload, so I think it has got to do with the cable I use. which also explains why I cannot send data toç/from linux I guess. On OSX this upload works, and [pd device info] reports firmata-237.220 and also SimpleAnalogFirmata-0.1 This seems ok, but I think it still wrong somewhere.

    I I just upload a patch that fades some pins, everything seems ok. With firmata <-> pd the arduino gets hot and operation seems a bit of what to expect.
    I'll have to run more tests later.
    al I can say for sure is that the problems from the first post (unknown command) remain.

    I need to get my scope back or at least a descent multimeter
    I'll test some stuff later this week


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  • kaosbeat

    great I'd love to do some bug reporting, can you point me to some standardized test or should I just try the pduino testing patches?
    I will do the testing on both linux amd64 and OSX leopard



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  • kaosbeat

    I'm using this sparkfun breakout (the 5v version). Any alternatives for that? and I'm using the nano because I wanted to miniaturize, but I will use an duemilanove until firmata's fixed. thanks!

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  • kaosbeat

    I had weird trouble with OSCroute and routeOSC. Sometimes on one port the object is recognized and on the other it's not. Anyway there are two sets of OSC objects. both are only included in pd-extended. I personally prefer mrpeach's objects but you have to enable them specifically (add mrpeach to your startup files)
    read this:



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